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Aramesh Law provides comprehensive services in civil and family litigation to individual clients and trial lawyers throughout British Columbia.

Nazanin Aram is a highly experienced and effective trial lawyer. She has worked on a wide range of litigation matters including personal injury, insurance, family law, strata disputes and commercial litigation. She has significant experience in trial, arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations.

In addition to working through her own firm, Aramesh Law, she is associate counsel at Harris & Brun Law Corporation in their insurance defence practice. Ms. Aram holds a Bachelor of Civil Law from Tehran University and an LLB from the University of British Columbia, and has been a member of the Law Society of BC since 2013.

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Litigation is intimidating and difficult to most individuals. My mission as a lawyer is to get my clients through the litigation process as smoothly and peacefully as possible, while steadfastly pursuing their goals and protecting their rights.


As a trial lawyer, my role is to be an advocate, ally, and trusted advisor. Being those things to a client in the course of lengthy litigation calls for unwavering commitment and mutual trust. I work hard to ensure that client loyalty and trust are maintained in every client relationship.

My goal is to provide clients with one of a kind legal services — meaning quality legal services, tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances, delivered in a straight-forward, user-friendly way.




Leniuk Estate, 2016 BCSC 159application for clarification of executor's ability to distribute minor beneficiary's inheritance


Peace Country Petroleum Sales Ltd. v. O.T.H Logging Inc., 2016 BCSC 1574successful summary trial application for payment of commercial debt


T.L.I. v. E.I., 2016 BCSC 2230application for retroactive review of child support under the Divorce Act. Obtained a judgment that the payor parent had engaged in blameworthy conduct in non-payment of child support and that the recipient parent’s 7-year delay in seeking retroactive child support was justified.


Stewart v. Stewart, 2017 BCSC 1532application to strike pleadings and dismiss claim based on lack of jurisdiction in estate action (as co-counsel)


Young v. ICBC, 2017 BCSC 2306application regarding admissibility of expert evidence at trial (as co-counsel)


Young v. ICBC, 2018 BCSC 138personal injury trial (as co-counsel)


Davis v. Jeyaratnam, 2019 BCSC 1698personal injury trial including determination of liability for cyclist-motor vehicle accident (as co-counsel), reversed on appeal 2022 BCCA 273


Fancello v. Cupskey, 2019 BCSC 1724personal injury trial (as co- counsel)


Hashimi v. Miki, 2019 BCSC 2287successful application to join four actions for trial


Cook v. Kang, 2020 BCSC 526personal injury trial including determination of plaintiff's compliance with s. 24 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act with respect to identification of other drive in hit and run accident (as co-counsel)


Cook v. Kang, 2020 BCSC 575successful application to exclude surreptitiously obtained audio recordings tendered as evidence at trial (as co-counsel)


Goy v. District of Sechelt, 2020 BCSC 1242cross applications to interpret covenant and strike claim in the context of claim of local government liability arising from approval of subdivision (as co-counsel), reversed on appeal, 2021 BCCA 349 and 350


Reehal v. Reehal, 2020 BCSC 1635defence of application for finding of contempt of court and special costs in family law case (as co-counsel)


Heffernan v. Charlish, 2021 BCSC 1882personal injury trial (as co-counsel)


T.S. v. Gough, 2022 BCSC 264personal injury trial including determination of liability for motor vehicle accident (as co-counsel)


Cook v. Kang, 2022 BCSC 408application for deduction of amounts from a personal injury trial award pursuant to s. 83 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act (as co-counsel)


Rattan v. Li, 2022 BCSC 648personal injury trial (as co-counsel)


Cook v. Kang, 2022 BCSC 1255post-trial application for various orders with respect to costs (as co-counsel)


The Owners, Strata Plan VR 778, 2023 BCSC 552successfully opposed a strata corporation’s petition for court approval of a special levy for building repairs, including obtaining a finding that the strata had acted in bad faith. At the time of its publication, this was the only case where an owner was successful in dismissing a strata petition under s. 173(2) of the Strata Property Act.